See Spray Gallery

153-154 Queens ROad, Hastings, TN34 1RN

153-154 Queens ROad, Hastings, TN34 1RN

153-154 Queens ROad, Hastings, TN34 1RN153-154 Queens ROad, Hastings, TN34 1RN


Tom Bartlett


His approach to often controversial subjects and viewpoints, is brash, peurile and unarguably honest. Using humour to mock and question the errors of humanity makes the artist's work extremely accessible to anyone and everyone. The "Blasphemy & Treason" show at See Spray Gallery will be his first to include his digital work. Many of his satirical photoshop manipulations have become viral images shared millions of times on social media. 


Susan Diamond


Susan Diamond, Fashion designer with prolific cult label Charles of London has hung up her glad rags and entered the Art scene with the same manner of enthusiasm, commitment and flair. 

Her large canvas paintings of nude alien like women set amist futuristic backdrops have been exhibited internationally including shows in Berlin and London this year.

Her unabrashed use of bright flourescent colour and bold contrast embodies a punk pop ethos thats impossible to ignore.

Tamzin Malleson


‘Bombshell Series’ is my obsession with British Blondes. Evolving from  the sex kittens of the 40’s the painting celebrate some of the stars and  icons from the world of drag, light entertainment, soap, fashion, film  and art.

No prime ministers.

When she's not painting, Tamzin can be seen on the telly.

John Hurford


John Hurford was born on a farm where he still lives in North Devon in 1948.

At  the end of the sixties he was a leading artist in the counter-culture.  This early work is in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum  in London. He has had work in many galleries including Tate Liverpool,  the Whitney in New York and has featured in two recent sell out  exhibitions at the V&A. 

He has many books, record/CDcovers and posters worldwide as well as putting on solo and group exhibitions in the South West.

This  year 2018, he has several group exhibitions in Devon, London, St Ives,  and has solo exhibitions in South Devon and Hastings.

His inspiration is still the surrounding countryside and gardens around his studio. His work continues evolving.

Michelle Mildenhall


Michelle Mildenhall creates unique, striking portraits  in latex. Through her stylized imagery, Michelle seduces the viewer into  a world of disconcerting beauty and mystique. By using popular but  taboo themes of sexuality, fetishism and subversion, she creates work in  which a fascination with the subject evolves.

Each piece becomes defined and fetishized via its latex conceptualization.

The  current series of portraits is a culmination of her exploration of the  medium. Her work has developed around the limitations and nature of the  material and every piece is made by hand and meticulously constructed by  Michelle.

Michelle is continually adding to her  series of portraits, not only in latex but also creating larger one off  painted pieces, in her colourful pop art style. She has exhibited in the  UK, America and Germany.

Joni Belaruski


Born in Northern Ireland and living in London, Joni Belaruski can either be found making art or making music.

Using  figurative form of both humans and animals to devilishly blend the  disjunction between her own reality and fantasy to devastating effect,  the artist fuses darkness with light to create signature striking  original artworks like no other.

Joni's  work varies from personal projects on paper, canvas, drumskins and  board to commissioned walls, festival installations and illustrations  for books and the music industry.

‘I believe in  beauty, faces as a window of expression and I draw with both dream and  nightmare, splattered with the rawness and imperfection of what I see’.

Peter Quinnell


 Peter  Quinnell studied at Chelsea School of Art and the Royal College of Art  and has been an illustrator and artist for 30 years, initially as half  of legendary collage duo Archer/Quinnell, and solo since 1998.  He has  lived and worked in Hastings for nearly 20 years.  Quinnell is  represented for illustration by the Debut Art agency.

Peter  works from a studio at Rock-a-Nore and likes beachcombing.  He is a  member of Radiator Arts in Hastings, enjoys working on community art  projects and making costumes for parades.  He teaches part time on the  Illustration BA at University Centre, Sussex Coast College, Hastings.

Aleisha Taylor


Aleisha came to our attention when she submitted a portrait for one of our junior shows. At just 14 she has the skill of a much older and very dedicated human being! We have several of her early works on sale in the gallery. These are excellent investment opportunities for the colllectors and dealers. Aside from her entry to the Royal Academy summer show, she will be having her first proper show with us in December 2019. A name to watch out for.

Sassy Luke


Sassy Luke was brought up in the wilds of Kernow where television was not an option. Instead her father read to her. From CS Lewis to Roald Dahl, this medium obviously kicked off the part of her brain that deals with the imagination...and what an imagination she has developed! She is an absolute master of the desecration of iconography. Her work with See Spray also represents a new string to her bow as she takes a brave leap into a completely different world of creativity. You must come and see her work and her prints are available from our online shop.

Sue Tilley


Sue had been the muse and subject  of two of the most important artists to have lived, namely Lucian Freud and Leigh Bowery. These days she is spending her time behind the easel producing striking, yet simple and honest images of the everyday items that act as wallpaper to our lives. Her subject matter is too often overlooked by the still life brigade. She gives it the attention it deserves in a unique pop illustration way.

Poppy Faun


Poppy Faun is a collage artist and graphic designer from her home town of Brighton, UK.

She  uses unique 1960’s and 1970’s images, spending her days searching  through flee markets collecting idiosyncratic magazines and postcards  then transfigures them into aesthetic perfection.

Much  of her work seems to harbour a message of escapism. Her cutouts bare an  image of floating through the cosmos, make something quite classic feel  futuristic and otherworldly. Acknowledging these decades as a  revolution for fashion and rock and roll, Poppy pines for the past.

James Hague


James won the BP portrait artist of the year award in 1996 and has won numerous international awards since then. A member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, his work hangs in the National Portrait Gallery. As well as his distinctive faces, he also draws and paints fish in a spectacular way.



Shuby uses print, collage, paint and photography to create original reinterpretations that revel in absurdity, kitsch and irony. Her cheeky visions are almost dream-like in their Technicolor intensity. She works  in a wide variety of mediums including paintings, print making, ceramics and reworking found objects. Her influences include Josephine Baker, Busby Berkeley, Andy Warhol, Eduardo Paolozzi, Richard Hamilton, John Stezaker, retro advertising, car boot sales, Seaside charity shops and the Carnivalesque. Shuby has made a large amount of street art that includes paste ups and spray painted shutters. Her street art began with work inspired by singer and dancer Josephine Baker and the Busby Berkeley film "The Gang's all Here".

Eden Kötting & Andrew Kötting


Eden was born in 1988 and grew up in London, developing a keen interest in drawing an painting from an early age. She has shown work in Belgium, Switzerland, France and Germany as well as in London, Brighton, St Leonards-on-Sea and at HOME in Manchester.

Eden has collaborated on various art projects with her father Andrew, including the feature films; Gallivant, This Our Still Life and By Our Selves. They have also presented work as installations at The Towner in Eastbourne and as performances; In The Wake of a Deadad, This Illuminated World is Full of Stupid Men, By Our Selves and Hiding from the Big Guns at The Barbican in London.


Richard Berner


Richard Berner is a Brighton based artist, whose work draws inspiration from a colourful array of cultural iconography: from Star Wars to Disney, British landmarks to cult celebrities, Berner creates pieces bursting with imagination and eccentricity. With a flare for fine art technique, his paintings are brought to life with colour and texture, often applying paint drips and splatters, both before and after the print-making process.

Ella Guru


USA Born. UK resident since 1990. Hastings since 2014. Founding member of the Stuckists 1999. Exhibitions include the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. Has work in private collections in Germany, the Czech Republic, Japan, Australia, USA, UK, and France. Influenced by old masters such as Caravaggio and Velasquez, Ella portrays cabaret performers, outsiders, city nightlife (London, Amsterdam, Berlin), street/circus performers, symbolism, Tarot, costume, and identity. She’s always been into drag, gender-confusion and disguise. She married Sexton Ming on a clifftop in Dorset in a gender-fucked ceremony where men wore dresses and women suits. Ella’s subject matter ranges from bar scenes to Greek myths to slightly strange family and pet portraits – and sometimes animal-human hybrids. Ella has also played in bands and been inspired by music. Recent Awards/achievements: Sue Kreitzman’s London Selfridges window display 2015; Album Cover of 2015 for the Urban Voodoo Machine’s Love, Drink and Death; British Women Artists’ Judges Choice 2017.

Mew Welch


As a former member of the band Elastica and having achieved more than I could have anticipated in music, in 2010 I made the decision to begin a long overdue degree in fine art (I graduated from Brighton University with a first class honour’s degree).

Evoking memory, I ask the viewer to engage in the bold colours and imagery of play and having fun, suggesting that these colours, shapes and patterns can mean so much more than they are.

By experimenting with shape and scale, I aim to create objects reminiscent of children’s toys in their construction but also drawing on the idea of investigation into structure.

I find inspiration in the stark urban geometry of Brutalist architecture, concrete bunkers and the brightly coloured building blocks of childhood along with the ‘cut outs’ of Matisse and a new found passion in exotic plants.

I moved to St Leonards last year with my husband and our dog and together we share a space at Compendium Studios in St. Leonards on Sea.

Drew Copus


Drew is a local street artist who supplies us with hand sprayed tote modelled here by the lovely Michelle Collins.

Moral Slang


An  alumnus of Central Saint Martins, Moral Slang's work transports the  viewer into dreamlike worlds where alienation and confusion are mixed  with trickery and humour.  It is the interplay where fantasy meets reality. Humans and objects are  hybridised and juxtaposed to create imaginary forms that inhabit  strange dystopian landscapes allowing the viewer to get lost in the  surreal by giving into the imagination.

Sadie Hennessy


 Sadie Hennessy is an artist and ‘shenanigator’ . She creates 2D and 3D  collages, installations and live events and has exhibited widely in the  UK and beyond.  She recently caused headlines with her children’s  tattoo parlour (‘My First Tattoo’) in Whitstable High Street and before that, a national hoo-haa with her ‘Gary Glitter Rock’.   She likes to scratch at the veneer of civilised society, to find the  darkness underneath, but always uses humour to do so, even if it does  come from the blacker end of the comic spectrum.

Julia Andrews-Clifford


Julia Andrews-Clifford is a feminist photomontage artist. She specialises in traditional cut-and-paste techniques to create surrealist works that disrupt and subvert their original intent. Her large scale collages explore the tensions between private/public life and the personal/political. Her work sometimes appears on billboards and bus shelters and crosses over into street/guerilla art.

Julia worked at The British Film Institute before studying Fine Art at Chelsea College

of Art and Design. Working as an artist and graphic designer since 2012 she exhibits

in Sussex, London and Frankfurt and has artwork in private collections in Hastings,

Brighton, London, Frankfurt, Milan and New York.

Maslen & Mehra


Maslen  & Mehra in collaboration with local street artists Shuby and  Delete. This exhibition brings together an extensive body of work for  the first time. Maslen & Mehra have created the framework Cash,  Clash and Climate in order to ponder questions about the complexities of  living today and they invite viewers to follow their train of thought.  These collections of sculptures individually pose questions about  political, social and economic structures but together they ask how  they, in turn, relate to social unrest and environmental issues.

Billy Chainsaw


Billy Chainsaw was born and raised in Birmingham. Inspired by the onset of punk, in  the late 1970s he escaped factory life and moved to London to work for  Siouxsie and The Banshees.  He  has exhibited in numerous group shows in such far-flung locations as  Brighton and Los Angeles, and staged a month-long solo show at London’s  prestigious Horse Hospital gallery. His other achievements include a range of merchandise for legendary experimental filmmaker/artist Jeff Keen’s retrospective at the Brighton Museum &  Art Gallery; art for indie superstars The Fall’s 13 Killers album; and contributions to the book Cut Up! An Anthology Inspired By The Cut Up Method Of William S. Burroughs And Brion Gysin.



SLM (aka Sarah Lynn Mayhew is a British multidisciplinary artist. Her work evolves from a skill set derived from a varied art career including theatrical scenic artist, animator, illustrator & street artist. She studied at Manchester Metropolitan University and won a Royal Society of Arts award for multimedia and design. SLM's focus is rooted in environmental conservation and spiritual enlightenment of the human psyche. She is an accomplished portrait artist with a bit more up her sleeve than the rest.